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Seller Information Sheet

Seller Information Sheet

In order for us to gather all of the information necessary for your closing, it is imperative that you fill out all of the information below and submit it as soon as possible to avoid delays.

Property Being Sold:: *
Is The Seller An Estate, Trust or Corporation?:
If so, provide tax ID and email proof of signing authority::
Seller 1 Name:: *
Seller 1 Last 4 of SSN:: *
Seller 1 Email:: *
Seller 1 Telephone No:: *
Seller 2 Name::
Seller 2 Last 4 of SSN::
Seller's forwarding (new) Address:: *
Is Seller Signing by Power of Attorney? Yes or No: *
Do we need to Prepare it? If so, charge is $100 for preparation
HOA? Contact Info Please:
Home Warranty? Amt to Collect?:
Commission? Amt to Collect:
Divorce? 1031 Tax Free Exchange?
Mortgages on Property? Lender 1::
Lender 1 Loan No and tel #::
Lender 2 Name, Ln # & Tel #::

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